The answer, William answered bravely about Princess Catherine's condition right at the wedding
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According to palace information emphasizing that the Princess is not expected to return to official duties until fully cleared by experts, Prince William recently responded about the Princess.

Princess Catherine has kept quiet in recent months as she goes through the difficult process and the Royal Family is hoping to see Catherine at the Duke of Westminster's wedding. Catherine had been absent in the preceding days in a display of remarkable strength and dedication. Catherine had played an important role in assisting her husband with wedding preparations despite her absence. Prince William arrived at Chester Cathedral, the wedding venue, in one of the above mentioned Vans mingling with the other groomsmen, quickly entering the church without welcoming the media, keeping the ceremony private. your decision.

William nói gì sau lễ đăng quang mà bị cho nhắc lại chuyện Harry - Meghan? - 2sao

His appearance is highly anticipated although it is expected that he will attend alone. Princess Catherine was sad not to be able to attend the Duke of Westminster's wedding, but she got a lot of attention. Williams acted as a guide for his close friend Hugh on the big day but he was certainly missing his wife by his side although Catherine's influence and meticulous planning had a profound effect on the success. merit of the event and as well as him. Leaving the church, he received sweet words of support from a member of the public who shouted their best wishes to the princess in response William said Thank you and gave a wave Thanks.

Catherine provided invaluable assistance to Prince William ensuring that every detail of the wedding was carefully prepared to reflect the couple's personalities and the anticipation of such an occasion with her participation. spanning a number of key areas demonstrating her commitment to her role. Her support for her husband and friends The chance for Princess Catherine to attend the wedding was ruled out a few months ago and it was made public that she was trying to make a comeback and would not appear before public for a while at this time. He certainly has experience both George and Princess Charlotte were professionals having joined the wedding party as page boy and bridesmaid at several weddings held.

The wedding was held on a weekday, today being the prince's school day. The prince will attend Lamber School, which he attends with his siblings. Except for everything else going on with William and Catherine and their family at the moment, which they've probably been considering for a while because if you take your kids out of school to attend a wedding does that set a precedent? or not. That's a really difficult thing. Not only is Catherine not attending today's wedding, but she also won't be attending the final dress rehearsal for the king's birthday celebrations.

Palace sources have stressed that the princess does not expect to return to official duties until given the go-ahead. It's all clear to the experts and any appearances at Royal events will be sporadic at best, however she's not been ruled out from appearing at the official awards ceremony on the 15th. June Catherine is said to be considering appearing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace if she feels well enough. Catherine is currently staying out of the public eye.

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