Prince William was heartbroken when faced with Catherine's difficult decision, knowing the state of her recovery
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Friends close to the Waleses have already shut the door on a possible meeting between them. Those close to the princess said she and William won’t welcome a visit from Harry when he’s in the U.K. They insisted that the duke trying to stop by and see them would bring nothing but “unwanted drama” and that is exactly what Catherine and William don’t want or need now.

As the Prince of Wales marks his first major tournament since his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he faces a heartbreaking call that could have major consequences. This came after his father King Charles underwent treatment to address an enlarged prostate but palace authorities denied the diagnosis. prostate cancer William tends to be less involved in the day-to-day routine of the monarchy than his father instead focusing on a more flashy engagement, however from now on he attends expected to accompany us on many of these less exciting public excursions Meanwhile, his wife, Princess Katherine, needed to start moving quickly.

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The source added that the 42-year-old princess won't be fully revealed until June, as she is still healing from her battle with cancer. The princess had to postpone several important appearances because of her. illness even though it wasn't the best she was willing to take on over the years from that magical moment on April 29, 2011 until this year, the general view of Catherine was that William did well done to make her a future wife and Queen. The prince is facing some harsh truths about his wife, who first came in for planned abdominal surgery in January.

Then a month after her shock cancer diagnosis, a friend said he didn't know how to deal with all the wild speculation Prince William had shown courage and his determination to continue pursuing it went through a difficult period when facing both his wife and father's cancers. I can't see how at some point he won't have to make some tough decisions about his wife and his job, his family needs the Prince of Wales Oso very badly right now and the crown also needs William Oso. I don't know if he can truly balance these competing priorities during an extremely stressful period for the royal family, he continues to balance both his duties as royal family as well as the care and protection of his family speaks to his resilient character and determination to get out there and do the job that is expected of him.

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He has shouldered most of it and he has continued to carry out the couple's motto as Royal Editor Roya Nika reported as 100% family First day of second job, Princess of Wales is currently continuing her preventive and recuperative chemotherapy at home in Windsor. William's priority is looking after his wife and three children but his public engagement will increase ahead of the family's summer holidays in July and August, despite the tensions of recent months, he said. says keeping his sense of humor during difficult times over the past few months, the social media storm over Princess Catherine came to Epic's abortions in March, wild speculation just eased when she made a public statement about her illness. She was widely praised for her brave decision to reveal the shocking diagnosis.

All of these problems came as the prince had to deal with his strange relationship with his brother, Harry, the Duke returned to England and although a meeting with King Charles was ruled out. there was a possibility of a meeting with other Royals, including Catherine, he even affectionately described the princess as the sister he never had in his Memoirs. There is speculation that Harry is looking to reconcile with his family because of his relative's recent health condition, close friends the whales have been closed about a possible meeting between them people close to the princess say she and William would not welcome a visit from Harry while he is in Britain.

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They insist that the Duke trying to drop by and see them will bring with them nothing but unwanted drama and that's exactly what Katherine and William don't want or need right now. The couple have made it very clear that they want peace and quiet for them and the children a visit from Harry with all the drama that will ensue. However, on the contrary, according to Royal expert Ingred Seward, the meeting between the two will only take place at the request of a higher authority, especially if King Charles III deems it appropriate. Seward believes that it is unlikely that the king was portrayed as a sensitive and compassionate person. impose such a meeting at an inopportune time.

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