After 3 months of silence, Prince William finally announced Princess Catherine's decision to return
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It's no surprise that Prince William is finding it difficult with all the burdens weighing on him as current news shares Prince William's notable absence as of late.

It was truly surprising that the prince withdrew in particular without much of an explanation from Palace officials, instead they just noted that it was a personal matter without sharing other details according to what the palace said. William called the late king's own family to tell them that he would 'not be able to go to the memorial and that Catherine continued to be fine. The mystery that continues to shroud Prince Williams' absence from a high-profile Royal event has only increased the speculation surrounding the Royal Family, with many even having a few theories as to what could have happened. Continued, it could have something to do with his wife, Prince Catherine the public still doesn't know what kind of surgery she had and why she needed so much time to recover.

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The truth is that she has not been seen since she was admitted to the hospital. I'm not okay with Royal Watchers because with so little information coming in on the news of Williams' cancellation, you know, the prince doesn't have a habit of backing out of events before some people even even more worried, one has what's going on with that family why did Prince William call off the engagement he didn't do much Catherine is busy taking pictures after giving birth but why she hasn't been seen in months The rare comment came on Tuesday when Buckingham Palace released a statement revealing that Thomas Kingston's sudden death was not the reason for Prince Williams' absence on the Godfather's memorial day Mr. Kingston was found dead on Sunday night at Ness in a blaze of light.

An inquest will be held to determine the cause of death but there are no suspicious circumstances and none of their other parties are involved although some worry it may be related to the diagnosis King Charles's recent cancer. It seems unlikely that it was the case that Queen Camila attended on behalf of her husband King Charles, a close friend of Constantine's second cousin the couple got along so well that Charles asked Constantine to become one of William's Godfathers when the prince was born no matter what happens, hopefully everything will be okay behind the scenes since the ceremony Buckingham Palace announced the death of Mr. Kingston, a financier Married.

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Lady Gabriella Kingston in May 2019, family The man said Mr Kingston lit up the lives of everyone who knew him in a poignant tribute tonight following the news of Thomas's death at the age of 45 King Charles and Queen Camila sent their sincere thoughts and prayers to Lady Gabriella Kingston and Mr. Kingston's family, a statement was issued on behalf of Lady Gabriella Kingston Mr. Martin and Jill Kingston Mrs. Joanna Connelly and her Emma Murray read with the deepest sadness as we announced the death of Thomas Kingston, our beloved son and brother. Thomas was described by his family as a special man who lit up the lives of all who knew him.

The statement continued that his death is a huge shock to the whole family and we ask that you respect our privacy as we mourn his passing. close friend of Pipa Matthews, the whale princess, sister and the pair are said to have dated in 2011 although Lady Gabriella is not a working member of the royal family, she and Mr Kingston's family is being supported by the royal family through these difficult times in June 2019 Mr. Kingston made his first appearance at the annual parade held on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth's birthday.

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