Press conference for England vs Serbia, Coach Southgate reveals about Luke Shaw and praises Bellingham
Football   23/07/2024   457

Coach Gareth Southgate gave his opinion on opponent Serbia and revealed more about the force situation on the opening day.

England is about to enter their opening match at EURO 2024 and their opponent is Serbia. Despite having the most valuable squad in the tournament, coach Gareth Southgate still respects his opponents and asked his students to concentrate highly in the pre match press conference. "This will be a difficult match. They have good players and high competitive spirit.

The Serbian striker also played very well. We know we will have to cope. My players need to be in their best form to win. I have been in this position for 8 years so I understand the importance of winning. It's the same with every coach, we all try to prepare as best we can to have a perfect opening match. I feel very excited and proud to lead the England team at a major tournament like EURO. The tournament has many strong teams like Germany or Spain. Our first goal is to get past the group stage.

After that, I thought about further things. This is my style. When you're trying to win a tournament, you have to set short term goals. To prepare for this match, we have made every plan. I wouldn't be surprised if Serbia played a sudden attack. They are capable of playing a quick counter-attack. I don't think they will just defend throughout the match".

When asked about Bellingham, the English teacher did not hesitate to share. “In my opinion, he is young but he is one of the most important players in the England team. Actually, we shouldn't pin all our hopes on Bellingham. We have many other good players. Jude has a very good mindset and knows how to create mutations.

The way he coped with pressure in his twenties was truly amazing. I know things are not going as smoothly as outsiders imagine. But Bellingham coped really well". In addition, coach Southgate also updated the situation of the Three Lions force. "All the players are healthy. I just made the decision that Shaw will start from the bench. The remaining players can all play from the start".

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