The dog waited for his owner in an abandoned place for 2 years regardless of rain or shine
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Abandoned on a rainy day, for nearly 2 years, the dog Xiao Huang still resolutely waited for his old owner to return.

Local people said that nearly 2 years ago, on a rainy day, the dog Xiao Huang was abandoned by his owner on the road near the Kaohsiung Art Museum, in a city in southern Taiwan.
Since then, the poor dog refused all help and pity from the local people and resolutely waited for its former owner in the exact place where it fell, regardless of rain or shine. In addition, Xiao Huang also dug himself a 90cm wide hole to take shelter.
Chú chó chờ chủ ở nơi bị bỏ rơi suốt 2 năm bất kể mưa nắng
There was a time when Xiao Huang suddenly saw the car with the figure of the old owner driving it, he immediately ran after it but couldn't and ended up breaking his leg in an accident.
Only 2 years later, on June 25, was the City Animal Protection Association able to take the loyal dog to the veterinary clinic. Staff from the Animal Protection Association said it took them 4 hours and the use of sedatives to "tame" Xiao Huang. Doctors are currently treating Xiao Huang's broken left leg and helping him recover after a long period of starvation.

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